Massive bloom of Real Estate in Andhra Pradesh

Real estate is blooming in Andhra Pradesh as it is a beautiful state with rich endeavors. It is the pivot of industrial prosperity in South India. The state has risen up after bifurcation. The present scenario in the city is driving builders to construct more and more houses for rent and Villas in Guntur, Vijayawada […]

Investment in CRDA region gives higher returns

Vijayawada is the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh.Since the time of bifurcation, Vijayawada has become the center point for all kinds of developments. The new capital of Andhra Pradesh is flourishing vast growth when compared to other cities. It has become one of the important commercial and transport centers of the […]

Are Villas a unique real estate configuration in CRDA regions?

Establishment of real estate market stabilizes most of the investments made by any potential buyers. Luxury apartments and high-end villas have been a preferred choice in terms of property. As we know apartments are common but in the recent years villas have been gaining popularity. The percentage of people who prefer villas over apartments is […]

Vijayawada – The new beginning of smart city

Vijayawada, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh has seen a vast growth in a tem of one year. The Real estate in Andhra Pradesh(AP) has become the center point for all kinds of developments.Large potential growth in the value of real estate development business has increased in real estate values, inflation, and other factors often […]

Economic change of the real estate in present sector

These days Real Estate is booming especially in Andhra Pradesh. The real estate in Andhra Pradesh has assumed growing importance with the liberalization of the economy. The consequent increase in business opportunities and migration of the laborforce has increased the demand for commercial and housing space, especially rental housing. The investors are keen on investing […]

Real Estate Investments proposed under special Acts

Andhra Pradesh is known for its scenic beauty and famous pilgrimages. Real estate in Andhra Pradesh (AP) has all its districts doing well in earning revenue. Visakhapatnam has been cited to become the next IT hub with 17% of total State registration revenue. With the constant development of numerous residential property and commercial property projects, […]